May 21 and 22, 2003

The 21st and 22nd of May were days of travel. We left Washington Dulles International Airport at 9:45 PM. We had planned our packing and managed to get 10 days worth of clothing into two carry on bags. This aided us greatly in getting through London Heathrow Airport, where we connected for our next flight. It also made getting through Hungarian Customs easier. We landed in Budapest on May 22 around 2:30 PM. We got our rental vehicle and were so happy that the Hungarians drove on the right. That is where the similarity ended. We managed to get lost trying to get out of Budapest. After a missed turn, we spent about an hour trying to get back onto the route. We finally stopped at a gas station to ask for directions...we were lucky once again and one of the attendants spoke English and was able to direct us back to the route...which we had passed three times before. We managed to get to the Lake Balaton area OK but we once again missed a turn. Luckily this time we could do a quick U-turn and get back on the route. We arrived in Heviz and stopped for directions to our hotel. We had stopped 100 meters short of the entrance to the hotel. We arrived after more than 24 hours of traveling. The first thing each of us did was shower!!!!!!!! It was one of the best showers in my life.